Bill Lopa

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About the Artists:

Ask Bill Lopa what his dream job in life would be and he'd tell you he's living it. An avid sports fan and die-hard Yankees fan, Lopa chose to concentrate his art in what he loved in a genre he found most challenging and enjoyable: kinetic impressionism.

Working in acrylics, Lopa uses a "splatter" technique where the colors are applied with a pallet.

Over the past three years, Lopa was invited by Major League Baseball (MLB) to paint live at the World Series games and All-Star Games. He also hand-painted on the home plate that was used during the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the 2004 World Series. In addition to his baseball work, Lopa created the commemorative artwork for the past three NFL Superbowls and painted live on the sideline at Giants Stadium before the 2006 “Manning Bowl” where the NY Giants took on the Indianapolis Colts. In May 2006, Lopa painted live at the Kentucky Derby, one of horse racing’s elite Triple Crown showdowns.

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